Banner eBooks Announced

Posted on August 28, 2014


IMG_0065The Banner of Truth has announced the introduction of ebooks for digital readers! The first ten volumes have been released, combining a mix of classics with more modern treatments. Among the classics you will find Bunyan, Owen, Spurgeon, and Brown. More volumes from contemporary authors include Edward Donnelly’s outstanding Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty, and books by Ian Hamilton, Sinclair Ferguson, and Garry Williams. Readers who have found The Valley of Vision such an invaluable resource will be delighted to learn that this volume of prayers is in this first release. All of the titles are available as mobi and epub files. According to their website the order options will allow buyers to purchase hard copies and electronic versions in a single bundle, a nice touch for those of us who don’t want to lose our “proper” books.

Banner has said that more e-volumes will be released in the future in fairly substantial numbers, so watch for announcements and browse the online catalogue for your favorite titles. Banner ebooks at this time of writing can all be found here (or go here and browse ebooks).