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10,000+ Views

February 26, 2014


The WordPress Statistics page told me that my blog passed 10,000 views this week. I am stunned. I know that in the digital world news sites can receive 10,000 views in minutes and large churches can see weekend attendance at that number, but I am just a small church pastor/church planter in a small corner […]

Give ’em Watts, boys!

August 3, 2013


I first read of Isaac Watts as a boy learning American history at school in that battle cry, “Give ’em Watts, boys!” at the battle of Springfield, New Jersey. Over time I spotted his name in hymnals as the author of the some of the most famous hymns in evangelical Christendom. It happened this week […]

Musical Tone

April 25, 2013


This past week I went to my first Acts29NJ church planters conference at Emergence Church, Totowa NJ about 18 – 20 minutes from where I grew up. The plenary and discussions got my mind working as I sought to apply what I learned from these planters and what I have experienced in ministry these 22 […]

The Early-Warning System

January 16, 2013


One of the most glorious joys of the pastorate is in the conversion of the lost and one of the saddest is the falling away of one who professed faith in Christ and his work to save them. You continue to preach the Word of God in the Scriptures and watch as their hearts are […]

He Plants His Footsteps in the Sea

August 22, 2012


When you grow older in the Christian life you are regularly knocked down in the dust astounded and amazed, only to rise up in doxology and praise as you see glimpses of God’s footsteps pressed upon you through the path of your life. The fullness of God’s ways are way past our ability to trace. […]

The Generation Gap

June 14, 2012


As the succession gap of generations continues to grow between nominal Christians and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who’ve abandoned Christianity, it is now increasingly common for us to have visitors who have no idea what is going on in our service. It’s not just that there are unfamiliar elements such as the corporate confession […]

More Power to You

March 12, 2012


While on a return with the hearse driver the other day, I was asked a question about my day ahead. When I told him my next task that Saturday was a revision toward greater clarity of my Sunday sermon, he wanted to know what that meant. I explained to him the pattern of setting a […]