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Philip Benedict on the Character of Anglicanism

September 2, 2016


Philip Benedict, Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed: A Social History of Calvinism, Yale University Press: 2002, xxvi+670 pp, hardcover. Philip Benedict is an American historian of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, currently holding the title of Professor Emeritus (profeseur honoraire) at the University of Geneva’s Institute for Reformation History (l’Institut de Histoire de la Réformation). His book, Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed was awarded […]

A Sad Departure

November 18, 2015


David J. Randall’s new book: A Sad Departure: Why we could not stay in the Church of Scotland, chronicles the all too familiar departure from biblical orthodoxy, this time in the Church of Scotland, and the recent sad departure of ministers and congregations as a result. It contains a narrative familiar to many of us in Anglican North […]

Sin and Salvation

September 6, 2014


Partly for sermon preparation and partly for my own personal edification, I have been reading Marcus Peter Johnson’s great book, One with Christ: An Evangelical Theology of Salvation. It is an excellent discussion of union with Christ. You can listen to him explain his book in part one and part two of a recent two-part Reformed […]

The Clarity of Scripture

March 23, 2013


Sometimes I am able to negotiate a combined Christmas/birthday expense to gain a significant collection or set of books. Last year it was a 50% off sale of the New Studies in Biblical Theology Series (edited by D.A. Carson) offered by Westminster Seminary bookstore. My advice is to read as many of these as you […]

The Blessing of Being a Reformed Protestant

November 29, 2012


It’s the end of November. After many years waiting the great Puritan theologian John Owen finally moves into 501 Green. Got an amazing Christmas deal from Banner of Truth this year. I’ve picked up and put down the set at the Banner’s Ministers Conference each May, not quite being able to persuade myself that the […]

An E-book Deal!

September 17, 2012


Christian Focus have released a kindle/e-book edition of Robert Bruce’s sermons on the Lord’s Supper (some of the most helpful ever preached on the topic).   It is available this week (I am writing on 091712) at a special price here (UK) and here (US). Robert Bruce preached these sermons on the sacrament in 1589 at Giles Cathedral where he […]

He said, she said…

July 6, 2012


A vacation joy of mine is getting to read the BIG books. Those are the larger books in my library that really need blocks of time for a long, deep dive into a subject. The best of this summer’s stack was a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time, The Elizabethan Puritan Movement […]