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Mainline or Sideline?

November 4, 2015


I have found these three podcasts from Office Hours on 18th century Reformed Theology fascinating and a wonderful food for thought in our own era as North American Anglicanism rushes toward “mainline” legitimacy rather than pausing to consider its consequences for future generations. The podcast discussion, begins with with Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. about her research at the […]

Two Brands of Anglicans

July 30, 2013


Just been reading Peter Adam’s St. Antholin’s Lecture, Gospel Trials in 1662: To Stay or To Go? for reasons I will explain if I have more time, when I read this paragraph: Two groups of people prefer the theory that Puritans cannot be Anglicans, nor can Anglicans be Puritans. Some Nonconformists may take this view because […]

Nothing comes between me and my Calvin, Final

December 8, 2012


After 18 months I finished my devotional reading of Calvin’s Institutes. As I wrote here in June 2011, I have owned a personal copy of The Institutes for over 27 years. My two volume Battles translation were one of the few books I carried by suitcase with me to England in 1985. John Calvin dominated […]

Pastor as Lens

September 10, 2012


In 1538 John Calvin wrote in a letter to Henrich Bullinger, explaining his early difficulties in Geneva, that “…Geneva want preachers and teachers, but not pastors…” As a rector who understands his call to pastor his congregation, I know exactly what Calvin meant. In most congregations, the clergy perform the sacraments, visit the sick, teach […]

“God works in a mysterious way”

March 8, 2012


I passed a milestone today that may be worthy of comment. Both John Calvin (1509-1564) and Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) — two of the greatest pastors and teachers of the Church — did not live to see their fifty-fifth birthday. Calvin and Edwards both died just short of their fifty-fifth. I, on the other hand, made […]

Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvin, 2

September 29, 2011


Calvin’s Institutes make great devotional reading. My practice of reading slowly and aloud has really made Calvin’s felicity of expression leap off the page. This week I began his chapter that critiques the use of statues and images by the medieval church. Here’s what he wrote about crosses. Read this aloud. You can hear the […]

Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvin, 1

June 21, 2011


  “Consequently, too, there comes in that which Paul quotes from Aratus, that we are God’s offspring [Acts 17:28], because by adorning us with such a great excellence he testifies that he is our Father. In the same way the secular poets, out of common feeling and, as it were, at the dictation of experience, […]