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A True Cliché

April 18, 2015


We all get circulars in the post. Pastors usually receive seasonal notices from para-church organizations of a recently released method(s) to congregational spiritual health or growth. When I read them two things strike me: first, the formulaic and methodological thinking in the“if you do this, then this…” or the “A”PLUS “B” will guarantee result “C” and […]

I Asked the Lord that I Might Grow

April 5, 2014


Precious are the times when a classic hymn transfixes you. One did this week. Under pressure for a sermon draft deadline, my head was down and the fingers moving across the keyboard as iTunes played a shuffle of songs behind. That’s when I heard Anglican John Newton’s 1779 hymn, “I Asked the Lord that I […]

Hello, I must be going, 5

December 27, 2013


The more determined men become to despise the teaching of Christ, the more zealous should godly ministers be to assert it and the more strenuous their efforts to preserve entire. And more than that, by their diligence to ward off Satan’s attack. John Calvin The reality of what was clearly taught throughout the Scriptures concerning […]

Summer’s here, and that means…

June 25, 2013


Here at St. Mary’s we pick-up our verse by verse study of Paul’s letter to the Romans. This life-changing letter has been a focus each summer since 2010. This year is the last. We started at the final great hinge of the letter, Romans 12.1-2, two Sundays ago. And as we go through the 40 […]